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Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide


This guide is intended to be a pleasant path to introduce you to the interesting and intricate world of molds; a stimulating reading to better understand the main aspects to be taken into consideration. Since from the search to the point of use, the choice of a mold can be difficult, we have been thinking of creating this small guide to make you understand what are the most important aspects to consider when choosing a product like this important. If you give us confidence we will be happy to work with you to try to improve your productivity, otherwise we hope this guide has helped you to avoid making the evaluation mistakes that are often made when purchasing a mold. Because this tutorial does not concern us, but you and what your business should consider.

Why buy a mold?

In today’s globalized market, increasingly focused on the merchandise of art and everything that is creative, can be distinguished by the reproduction of historical, figurative, decorative or more simply structural elements, giving free vent to their artistic ingenuity and intuition, is definitely an intelligent way to combine an attitude to a source of earnings. And it is, moreover, the cheapest way to preserve art, history and value. A mold makes it possible to start a business with a few other simple tools and allows the professional to implement their business offer. An important opportunity for new business outlets and new sources of income. Buying a mold is a important investment, a choice that needs to be carefully considered in order to receive a product that allows full autonomy in market choices and quality standards.

Password: Quality

We are convinced that the future of the present market is distinguished through quality products and if you are reading this text we believe that you too have the same idea. We always invite our customers, or those who are interested in purchasing a supply of molds, to reproduce models with a high standard of quality. Standing out on the market, offering a product designed to last a long time, loaning the customer, increasing earnings, are just some of the aspects that a quality production can help to realize. For this reason, whenever necessary, we assist the customer in finding solutions (materials, finishes, treatments, etc.) that allow them to have an exclusive product and high construction standards.

Why DO NOT buy an economical mold?

We think that in a reality like the present one, your time is important. A lot. Saving time means having the freedom to decide how to invest (care of details, new projects, passions, family, etc.). That’s why we are sure that we think it can be a saving – buying a product created in the economy, which is often done on a copy of a model and therefore more subtle details – will then be paid in terms of time, more production costs high and low quality (smaller details, clear joints, slightly porous surfaces and often deformed patterns). A mold created following high quality standards will help you not only avoid these issues but will also guarantee you – thanks to your business ability – to distinguish yourself in today’s market. And to have more time.

What to look for before buying a mold?
A mold must guarantee productivity, ease of use, durability and reproduction as faithfully as possible to the original model: its cost will be cushioned over time, trying to produce more pieces as little as possible and minimizing finishing and / or subsequent stucco. Essential aspects to be considered before buying a mold:
  • Original pattern of reproduction (symmetry, definition, porosity, dynamism, facial expressions, material etc.)
  • Types of rubber used (elasticity, strength and hardness, depending on the model chosen and the material used)
  • Type of counter-mold used (stability, internal pressure resistance and corrosion)
  • Closure system (practicality, adhesion at the rubber separation point to limit the finishing work)
  • Material durability (tear resistance, chemical agents, temperatures, and counter-mold, shocks)
  • Maintenance (availability, cost and effectiveness of mold maintenance and cleaning materials)
  • Reusability (possibility of reusing materials in case of wear of one or more parts of the mold)
  • Warranty (repair and / or replacement if there are defects in manufacturing)
  • After-sales Assistance (Technical Assistance on Usage, Materials, Target Markets, etc.)
Each of these items is extremely important and needs to be carefully analyzed; a mold is the main tool for creating the artifacts and the absence of even one of these points can lead to loss of time, productivity, and consequently a lack of profit. If you want to know more or you want to receive clarification you can contact us by clicking on the button below: we will reply to you or contact you to clarify any doubt.