rubber molds


Our molds are made with “caucciù rubber”, natural rubber with mechanical resistance features and durability over any other reproduction rubber and exclusively worked in the world at our company for over 40 years. More durability, longer life, more quality.

Top quality polyurethane and silicone rubber, in various hardnesses, suitable for molds with particular specifications.

Fiberglass counterparts, iron armor, support stands, bolts and different locking systems.

Are you looking for rubber molds to create statues, garden artifacts or furnishing items? Discover our lines! From the traditional to the intermediate, up to the cheapest one. Our goal is to help you realize your ideas.


custom line - mold on commission

We create, to order, any type of mold starting from an idea, a drawing or a model supplied directly by the customer. On request and upon estimate, it is possible to provide different solutions such as manual tilting systems, support plates, frame pins, reinforced counter shapes, closing hinges, etc.

Release Agent

"disarming - f2"

Developed on the technical characteristics of the materials we use, Disarming – F2 is currently the best release agent available for our molds; applied pure or with a dilution of up to 20%, its use guarantees greater longevity and ease of use of the molds.

Available in 4,5 kg and 22,5 kg format.